SF: Remote work, heart, wall decor

I’m spending a few weeks working and living in San Francisco this summer. So these are some reflections on work, life and learning.

Three days in! Here are a few notes and observations.

I’ve been working from a space provided by a remote work company. The company is set up to accommodate remote workers, and it has spaces in many big cities around the world. I’m at a downtown San Francisco location.

The space is interesting—it feels like a startup space. The décor feels energetic, and the people are doing all sorts of things. “Do what you love” is printed on the coffee mugs and the staff t-shirts. There’s great wifi (very key), solid coffee and both open work space and phone booths if you need privacy and don’t want to bother fellow workers with your conversation.

A couple days ago, I met with a woman who does leadership training for senior executives. It was a fascinating conversation. She’s worked with some of the leaders in my organization, so she knows the company well.

I learned a few things from here (and also just generally really, really liked her). First, she gave me some great ideas. How could I live the company values remotely? What would that look like? I told her about our company culture of recognition—and she challenged me with an idea of recognizing and almost celebrating failures, too. It’s of course great that we recognize each other for success—but failure is so important to learn from. How do we get comfortable with that and navigate that?

I shared some information about our new brand platform that’s coming soon, and she loved it. She thought it really represented what we’re all about—how we have such heart, how we’re all human and the company lives that very well.

I also had the chance to pop into the Twitter offices here. One of the things that struck me is that they put tweets on their walls. Not their own tweets—other’s tweets. Their customer’s words are written on the walls. Team members at Twitter walk around the place they work and see the voice of their customer as they walk by.

I thought that was a fantastic, easy idea, and wondered how my company could do that.

The weekend will be a time for exploring surroundings, and then more adventures next week!

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